Product knowledge training —- The Gel Battery

Recently, BR Solar sales and engineers have been diligently studying our product knowledge, compiling customer inquiries, comprehending customer requirements, and collaboratively devising solutions. The product from last week was the gel battery.

Customers familiar with BR Solar should be aware that the company has a long-standing presence in the solar industry, and gel batteries have consistently been one of BR Solar’s key strengths. Gel batteries play a crucial role in both solar street lights and solar photovoltaic systems. As the cornerstone of energy storage, the performance and quality of gel batteries largely determine the normal operation and working hours of solar street lights and solar photovoltaic systems. During the training process, it is essential to not only acquire a thorough understanding of the fundamental performance knowledge of gel batteries but also to develop the skills necessary for addressing various abnormal battery issues, such as battery loss and voltage irregularities.




As a professional manufacturer and exporter, we have rich experience. We can also provide the certificates and certification such as CE, EMC, MSDS, etc. We can provide professional and perfect pre-sales service, but also take full account of after-sales installation guidance. So, welcome your enquiry! We are waiting for you!


Attn: Mr Frank Liang    



Post time: Jun-07-2024