Product knowledge training —- Solar water pump

In recent years, solar water pumps have received significant attention as an environmentally friendly and cost-effective water pumping solution in various applications such as agriculture, irrigation, and water supply. As the demand for solar water pumps continues to grow, it becomes increasingly important for professional technicians to have a comprehensive understanding of these systems. This is where solar water pump product knowledge training plays a vital role.


Last Friday, Our engineers gave our salespeople a training on solar water pumps, including the types of solar water pumps on the market, the working principle of solar water pumps, and the different needs of solar water pumps in different regions.




After the training, our sales team engaged in collaborative learning and co-creation activities, and subsequently implemented sales practices.




Recently we have received a lot of inquiries about solar water pumps, we hope that our salesman can serve customers better through the training and provide the best solutions for them. So, If you have any question or enquiry, please feel free to contact us!


Attn: Mr Frank Liang    



Post time: May-31-2024