30KW Off-grid Solar Energy System

30KW Off-grid Solar Energy System

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Solar energy system is a renewable energy source that harnesses the sun's energy and converts it into electricity.  The system consists of solar panels, inverters, batteries and other components.  This technology has gained popularity in recent years due to its eco-friendliness and cost-effectiveness.

Solar panels are easy to install and require minimal maintenance, making it a low-cost alternative to traditional energy systems.  Besides, it is a scalable technology, which means that it can be adapted to meet the energy needs of small or large-scale buildings, towns and cities.

Here is the hot selling module: 30KW Off-grid Solar Power System


Solar panel

Mono 550W


Connection method:13strings x2 parallels
daily power generation:48KWH



C-shaped steel


hot-dip zinc


Solar Inverter



1.AC input: 380VAC.
2.Support grid/Diesel Input.
3.Pure sine wave, power frequency output.
4.AC output: 380VAC,50/60HZ(optional).


PV Controller

384V 50A




GEL Battery



32 strings
Total release power:40.3KWH







PV cables (solar panel to PV Controller)





BVR cables (PV Controller to Battery)





BVR Cables(Battery to Inverter)





AC Breaker





Connecting cables




Solar Panel

> 25 years Lifespan

> Highest conversion efficiency over 21%

> Anti-reflective and anti-soiling surface power loss from dirt and dust

> Excellent mechanical load resistance

> PID Resistant,High salt and ammonia resistance

> Highly reliable due to strict quality control

Solar panel

Solar Inverter


> Double CPU intelligent control technology, excellent performance

> Solar priority、Grid power priority mode could be set, application flexible

> Imported IGBT module driver, inductive load impact resistance is stronger

> Charge current/battery type could be set, convenient and practical

> Intelligent fan control, safe and reliable

> Pure sine wave AC output, and be adapt to all kinds of loads;

> LCD display equipment parameter in real-time, operation status be clear at a glance

> Output overload, short circuit protection, Battery over voltage/low voltage protection, over temperature

protection(85℃), AC charge voltage protection

>Export wooden case packing, ensure transportation safety

Gelled Battery

> Maintenance free and easy to use.

> Contemporary advanced technology research and development of new high-performance batteries.

> It can be widely used in solar energy , wind energy,telecommunication systems, off-grid systems, UPS and other fields.

> The designed life for the battery could be eight years up for float use.

Gelled Battery

Mounting Support

Solar panel branket

> Residential Roof(Pitched Roof)

> Commercial Roof(Flat roof&workshop roof)

> Ground Solar Mounting system

> Vertical wall solar mounting system

> All aluminum structure solar mounting system

> Car parking solar mounting system

Work mode

Well, if you need, please feel free to contact us!

Attn: Mr Frank Liang    Mob./WhatsApp/Wechat:+86-13937319271    Mail: sales@brsolar.net

Pictures of Off-grid Solar Power System Projects


Solar energy systems are becoming increasingly popular due to their numerous benefits.

>One of the primary applications of solar energy systems is to provide electricity to homes and businesses.

>Solar energy systems are also widely used in remote areas where access to electricity is limited. For instance, in rural areas where connection to the national grid is not possible, solar energy systems can provide a reliable and cost-effective source of electricity.

>Another application of solar energy systems is in the agriculture industry. Solar-powered irrigation systems have been developed that use solar energy to pump water from underground wells, lakes, or rivers to irrigate crops. This helps farmers reduce their dependence on diesel-powered pumps, which are both costly and polluting.

>Solar energy systems can also be used to power transportation and reduce carbon emissions.

>Solar energy systems can be used to provide emergency power during natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods. By providing a reliable and independent source of electricity, solar energy systems can help ensure that critical services such as hospitals, communication networks, and emergency responders remain operational in times of crisis.

Pictures of Packing & Loading

Packing and Loading

With BR SOLAR, you can get :

A. Fantastic one-stop services----Fast response, Professional design solutions, Careful guidance and Perfect after-sales support.

B. One-Stop Solar Solutions & Diverse ways of cooperation----OBM, OEM, ODM, etc.

C. Fast delivery (Standardized Products:within 7 working days; Conventional Products:within 15 working days)

D. Certificates----ISO 9001:2000, CE & EN, RoHS, IEC, IES, FCC, TUV, SONCAP, PVOC, SASO, CCPIT, CCC, AAA etc.




Q1: How is your technical support?

A1: We provide lifetime online support through Whatsapp/ Skype/ Wechat/ Email. Anyproblem after delivery, we will offer you video call anytime, our engineer will also go tooversea help our customers if necessary.

Q2: How to become your agent?

A2: Contact us through email, we can talk details to confirm.

Q3: Is sample available and free?

A3: Sample will charge cost, but the cost will be refund after bulk order.

Conveniently Contacting

Attn: Mr Frank Liang       Mob./WhatsApp/Wechat:+86-13937319271       Mail: sales@brsolar.net

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